12 Things You Should Never Buy Used

1. Intimate Apparel: Think before you buy secondhand intimate apparel.

2. Upholstered Furniture: You should also avoid buying used upholstered furniture.

3. Hygiene Products: Avoid buying preowned personal hygiene products.

4. Electronics: Older models lack warranties and may malfunction.

5. Baby cribs: Safety standards evolve; used ones may be outdated.

6. Tires: Used ones may have unseen damage, risking accidents.

7. Underwear: Hygiene concerns make used ones unsuitable.

8. Makeup: Expired or contaminated products risk skin issues.

9. Shoes: Worn-out ones lack support, causing discomfort.

10. Car seats: Safety standards change, used ones may not comply.

11. Helmets: Wear and tear could affect their protection.

12. Mattresses: Hygiene issues and wear affect sleep quality.

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