Top 120+ Eagle Scout Project Ideas

Eagle Scout Project Ideas

Becoming an Eagle Scout is a very big achievement in the Boy Scouts of America program. To earn this highest rank, a Scout must complete a community service project that shows leadership and benefits their community.

If you’re looking for eagle scout project ideas, here are 120+ great suggestions that are easy to understand and can inspire you to make a difference.

Top 120+ Eagle Scout Project Ideas

Community Improvement Projects

  1. Build a Playground: Create a safe and fun place for kids to play.
  2. Paint a Mural: Brighten up a local building with a beautiful mural.
  3. Clean Up a Park: Organize a park clean-up day to make it look great.
  4. Plant Trees: Help the environment by planting trees in your community.
  5. Build Benches: Make and install benches in parks or bus stops.
  6. Fix Sidewalks: Repair broken sidewalks for safer walking.
  7. Install Bike Racks: Encourage biking by adding bike racks in public areas.
  8. Create a Community Garden: Start a garden where people can grow their own food.
  9. Paint Fire Hydrants: Make fire hydrants more visible by painting them bright colors.
  10. Build a Dog Park: Create a fun and safe area for dogs to play.

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School Improvement Projects

  1. Build a Reading Garden: Create a quiet outdoor space where students can read.
  2. Paint Classrooms: Freshen up classrooms with a new coat of paint.
  3. Create Outdoor Learning Spaces: Build outdoor areas where students can learn.
  4. Build Picnic Tables: Make picnic tables for students to use during lunch.
  5. Install a Flagpole: Raise a flagpole at a local school.
  6. Create a School Garden: Start a garden for students to learn about plants and nature.
  7. Paint a School Mural: Add a mural to a school wall to inspire students.
  8. Build a Playground: Construct new playground equipment for a school.
  9. Organize a Book Drive: Collect books for the school library.
  10. Build a Greenhouse: Create a greenhouse for the school to grow plants.

Helping the Homeless

  1. Build Shelters: Construct small shelters for homeless people.
  2. Organize a Blanket Drive: Collect blankets for those in need.
  3. Create Care Packages: Put together care packages with essentials for homeless individuals.
  4. Build a Community Closet: Create a space where people can donate and pick up clothes.
  5. Start a Soup Kitchen: Help set up a place where the homeless can get free meals.
  6. Build Picnic Tables: Make picnic tables for shelters to use.
  7. Create a Community Shower: Build a shower facility for the homeless.
  8. Collect Winter Gear: Gather coats, hats, and gloves for the homeless.
  9. Build Raised Garden Beds: Create garden beds for shelters to grow their own food.
  10. Organize a Food Drive: Collect non-perishable food items for a local shelter.

Supporting Local Organizations

  1. Build Storage Shelves: Make shelves for a local food bank or shelter.
  2. Paint a Community Center: Refresh the walls of a community center.
  3. Build a Lending Library: Create a small, free library where people can take or leave books.
  4. Organize a Toy Drive: Collect toys for children in need.
  5. Build Planter Boxes: Make planter boxes for local organizations.
  6. Create a Pet Adoption Area: Build a space for a local animal shelter to hold adoption events.
  7. Install Benches: Add benches to a community center.
  8. Build a Handicap Ramp: Create a ramp for easier access to a building.
  9. Create a Sports Equipment Drive: Collect sports equipment for local youth programs.
  10. Build a Bulletin Board: Make a community bulletin board for announcements.

Environmental Projects

  1. Clean Up a Beach: Organize a beach clean-up day.
  2. Build Birdhouses: Create homes for birds in your area.
  3. Install Bat Boxes: Help control pests by installing bat boxes.
  4. Plant a Wildflower Meadow: Grow a meadow to support pollinators.
  5. Create a Recycling Program: Start a recycling program in your community.
  6. Build a Nature Trail: Make a trail for people to enjoy nature.
  7. Clean Up a River: Organize a river clean-up day.
  8. Install Solar Panels: Add solar panels to a community building.
  9. Build a Butterfly Garden: Create a garden to attract butterflies.
  10. Organize a Tree Planting Event: Plant trees with your community.

Projects for Senior Centers

  1. Build Raised Garden Beds: Create garden beds that are easy for seniors to use.
  2. Paint Common Areas: Freshen up the walls in a senior center.
  3. Build a Gazebo: Make a relaxing outdoor space for seniors.
  4. Install Handrails: Add handrails to make the center safer.
  5. Create a Memory Garden: Plant a garden to help seniors with memory issues.
  6. Build Bird Feeders: Make bird feeders for seniors to enjoy watching birds.
  7. Organize a Game Day: Set up games and activities for seniors.
  8. Create a Craft Area: Make a space for seniors to do crafts.
  9. Build a Library: Start a small library in a senior center.
  10. Install Benches: Add benches in outdoor areas for seniors to sit.

Helping Animals

  1. Build Animal Shelters: Create small shelters for stray animals.
  2. Organize a Pet Food Drive: Collect pet food for animal shelters.
  3. Build Cat Trees: Make cat trees for animal shelters.
  4. Create a Dog Walking Area: Build a fenced area for dog walking.
  5. Build a Pet Washing Station: Make a washing station for pets.
  6. Install Bird Feeders: Add bird feeders in your community.
  7. Build a Rabbit Hutch: Create a hutch for rabbits at a shelter.
  8. Organize a Pet Adoption Event: Help plan an event to find homes for pets.
  9. Build a Fish Pond: Create a pond for fish in a public park.
  10. Create a Pet Memorial Garden: Build a garden to remember pets.

Historical Preservation Projects

  1. Restore a Cemetery: Clean and restore an old cemetery.
  2. Build a Monument: Create a monument to honor local history.
  3. Restore Historical Buildings: Help fix up old buildings.
  4. Create a History Trail: Make a trail with signs about local history.
  5. Document Local History: Collect stories and photos from your community.
  6. Restore Historical Markers: Clean and repair historical markers.
  7. Build a Display Case: Make a case to show historical artifacts.
  8. Create a Historical Mural: Paint a mural depicting local history.
  9. Organize a History Day: Plan a day to celebrate local history.
  10. Build a Time Capsule: Collect items to bury for future generations.

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Health and Safety Projects

  1. Build First Aid Stations: Create stations with first aid supplies in public areas.
  2. Install AEDs: Place automated external defibrillators in community centers.
  3. Create a Health Fair: Organize an event to promote health and wellness.
  4. Build Bike Paths: Make safe paths for biking.
  5. Organize a Blood Drive: Help collect blood donations.
  6. Create a Safe Walking Route: Mark a safe route for walking to school.
  7. Build a Community Gym: Set up a small gym in a community center.
  8. Install Smoke Detectors: Put smoke detectors in homes that need them.
  9. Create a CPR Training Program: Teach people how to perform CPR.
  10. Build a Safety Fence: Add a fence around a dangerous area.

Projects for Kids

  1. Build a Treehouse: Create a fun treehouse for kids.
  2. Create a Play Area: Make a play area with games and activities.
  3. Organize a Sports Camp: Set up a camp to teach kids different sports.
  4. Build a Puppet Theater: Make a puppet theater for kids to enjoy.
  5. Create a Reading Program: Start a program to help kids improve their reading.
  6. Build a Science Lab: Set up a small science lab for kids.
  7. Organize a Talent Show: Plan a talent show for kids.
  8. Create an Art Corner: Make a space for kids to do arts and crafts.
  9. Build a Lego Wall: Create a wall where kids can play with Legos.
  10. Start a Kids’ Club: Organize a club with activities for kids.

Technology Projects

  1. Build a Computer Lab: Set up computers in a community center.
  2. Create a Website: Make a website for a local organization.
  3. Teach Coding: Offer coding classes for kids.
  4. Build a Robotics Club: Start a club for kids interested in robotics.
  5. Set Up Free Wi-Fi: Provide free Wi-Fi in a community area.
  6. Organize a Tech Drive: Collect old computers and phones for recycling.
  7. Create an Online Library: Build a website with free e-books.
  8. Build a Charging Station: Make a station for people to charge their devices.
  9. Install Weather Stations: Set up weather stations in schools.
  10. Teach Online Safety: Offer classes on staying safe online.

Miscellaneous Projects

  1. Build a Skate Park: Create a safe place for skateboarding.
  2. Organize a Festival: Plan a local festival with food and games.
  3. Create a Community Calendar: Make a calendar with local events.
  4. Build a Little Free Pantry: Set up a pantry where people can take or leave food.
  5. Start a Recycling Center: Create a place where people can recycle items.
  6. Build a Community Theater: Set up a small theater for local performances.
  7. Organize a Car Wash Fundraiser: Plan a car wash to raise money for a cause.
  8. Create a Nature Preserve: Protect a natural area in your community.
  9. Build a Community Dock: Make a dock for fishing or boating.
  10. Create a Walking Club: Start a club for people to walk together.

Service to Veterans

  1. Build a Memorial: Create a memorial to honor local veterans.
  2. Organize a Veterans’ Day Event: Plan an event to celebrate Veterans’ Day.
  3. Build Handicap Ramps: Add ramps to make buildings accessible for disabled veterans.
  4. Create Care Packages: Make care packages for veterans.
  5. Restore a Veterans’ Cemetery: Clean and restore a cemetery for veterans.

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Final words

These ideas can help you think of ways to serve your community while achieving your goal of becoming an Eagle Scout. Choose a project that excites you and addresses a need in your area. Good luck on your journey to Eagle Scout!

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